Media Design

CD & DVD Covers

Your CD or DVD cover is your calling card to the media industry and to the consumer… how well you have it designed and the other graphics for your release could well determine your success or failure. A well designed and attractive cover, along with other detailed information you have included in the packaging, may well determine if the gatekeepers in the media business ever bother to delve into anything that is contained on the media, and if a consumer is turned off or on by the cover graphics. It is the best advertisement for your venue. Our design staff works hard to provide the highest quality possible, while keeping these things in mind. We understand and respect that you have spent a long time writing, rehearsing, performing, or recording your media.

Book Covers

Finding a quality design for book covers has become increasingly important in recent years. This is evident by simply looking at the book cover design of older books and their lack of quality. As technology takes on more of an entertainment value, quality book covers become an important marketing tool for your endeavor.

Your book cover art and design will carve out a place in the market for you as a writer. Competitive book cover design will exemplify the following concepts:

  1. Your book cover artwork needs to have a strong commercial viability; it will work as a powerful marketing tool for your book.
  2. A book cover design’s main purpose is to arouse interest and curiosity for the reader.
  3. The aesthetic quality of book cover design is alone extremely important.

Let us help you design a quality, professional book cover that will hit the market like a lightning bolt and bring your literary piece to life!!

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